Our Story

The Namahoro Investment Group is what happens when a multi-cultural community chooses to join forces to engage against the inadequate division of education, health, happiness and dreams.

Modern discourse teaches us the silent majority doesn’t accept this inequality any longer. Profit for a few cannot exist as any type of priority. Any profit, whatsoever, should result from an activity that empowers people and the planet we live in.

Our challenge is that at times the system we are facing seems too big. As individuals we can feel hope- and powerless. The Namahoro Investment Group invites people who believe, and want to be part of a better future

Investing in Namahoro is a statement.  We are investing to reduce poverty and inequality. We are investing to raise the levels of education and health in some of the poorest regions on earth. Every organisation we endorse will invest time and effort to reduce it’s ecological impact. We will do more; more than the rest and more than we promise. And our profits will come as a result of these concentrated efforts.

Let this Group serve as example.

“Our dream is that one day, all profits (not just ours) will result from the same type of efforts!”

Actions speak louder than words. We will create wealth the right way.

If you have questions about how we will achieve this, feel free to contact us.





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